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New Brands I Fell In Love With at Australia Fashion Week

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to travel to Sydney for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. In between attending shows put on by Australian heavy hitter brands like Dion Lee and Ellery and visiting the zoo (life goal), I also had the opportunity to suss out the new-new coming from Down Under. Here are seven brands I learned about and fell in love with while I was there.

White Story

Founded by Fiona Myer, this brand is poised to become my new go-to for an amazing white button down. Made with cotton sourced from Milan and Tokyo and produced in Melbourne, each design features an interesting detail—bell sleeves, lace cuffs, mandarin collars—that make the shirt anything but boring.

Mon Purse

In between shows I was able to visit this leather goods store in the Paddington neighborhood of Sydney and was glad I took a moment to do so. Founded by Lana Hopkins, Mon Purses’ bags and other accoutrements are designed by you and crafted with leather from Italian and Turkish tanneries. You’d think that would lead to an incredibly marked up price point, but a shopper tote that can hold at least a laptop, change of shoes, and book retails for just $380. And for those of you aren’t big on DIY, pre-designed options are also available from the brand.

Georgia Alice

Just four years ago, founder and designer Georgia Currie created Georgia Alice, the New Zealand brand for the girl who “shirks dress codes, upends expectations, and holds a keen sense of joy in everything she does.” In other words, she’s not here for your “rules” of dressing, opting for the clash or off-kilter element of cool instead of perfection. Clothing-wise that translates to pared down staples that can be mixed and matched with ease:  a ruffled one-shoulder top, twill corset, satin blouses, and more.

Double Rainbouu

Formerly of Ksuibi, creative directors Mikey Nolan and Toby Jones teamed up in 2016 to create this grunge-meets-surf brand, most known for their new take on Hawaiian shirts. Recently worn by Justin Bieber on camel-riding excursion, Double Rainbouu shared with Daily Mail Australia that their brand was “designed for the ‘probably aged between 21 to 45 smart funny fun seeking hedonists.” They’re sold at Opening Ceremony (in addition to on their own website), and I can’t wait to stock up on a few of these to wear on peak-lazy summer days.

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